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Amada FLC4020AJ (2014) Fiber Laser

Make : AMADA

Model: FLC4020AJ Fiber

Year: 2014

Reference #: 100218

Not Available

Control: Amada AMNC-F
Control Type: Touch Screen
Max Cutting Area: 157.84" X 78.7"
Travels X-Axis: 186"
Travels Y-Axis: 80.7"
Travels Z-Axis: 3.93"
Resonator: AJ4000
Power Output: 4000 Watts
Wave Length: 1.08 UM
Max Thickness Mild Steel: 0.875"
Table Loading Weight: 3,483 Lbs.
Positioning Speed (X/Y/Z): 4,724" Min.
X, Y Traverse Speed: 6,680" Min.
Drive Feed Method (X/Y/Z): Linear Drive
Max Acceleration: 2.4 G
Max Cutting Speed: 4,724" Min.
Table Height: 37"
LST (Shuttle Table): Standard
Position Accuracy: +0.0004"
Required Power Supply: 200/60 V/Hz (+10%), 3 Phase
Machine Weight: 31,500 Lbs.

Equipped With:

Amada AMNC-F Touch Screen Control

4.0 KW AJ4000 Resonator
Chiller Unit

Dust Collector

Misc. Spare Parts

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