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BLM LT Fiber Tube Laser

Make : BLM

Model: LT Fiber

Year: 2018

Reference #: 100512

Excellent condition with low production hours.

Controller: Siemens 840D CNC
Resonator Type: Fiber
Resonator Power: 2KW (2,000 Watt)
Resonator Make/Model: IPG YLS Fiber
Chiller: IPG Closed Loop Chiller
Cut Capacity Rounds: 0.5”- 5.5”
Cut Capacity Squares: 0.5" - 4.7"
Cut Capacity Rectangular: 0.5”x0.39” - 5.5”x5.5”
Cut Capacity Special Shapes: 0.5”x0.39” - 5.5”x5.5”
Bundle Loader Capacity: 28’
Max Tube Length: 27’ 10”
Min Tube Length: 10’ 6”
Auto Unloader Max: 14' 6"
Max Offload Part Length: 14’ 6”

Equipped With:

Active Scan (Upgrade)

Optical Weld Seam (Upgrade)
Siemens 840D CNC Control

Automatic Bundle Loader

14.5' Finished Part Unloader 

Front Unloading Parts Collection

BLM Tube 2D Cutting Head

IPG YLS 2KW Fiber Power Source

Rear Scrap Conveyor

Rubber & Nylon Guards (Minimize Tube Marring)

IPG Closed Loop Chiller

Sideros Dust Collector

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