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BLM LT8 2014 CO2 Tube Laser with Tilt (3D) Cutting

Make : BLM

Model: LT8

Year: 2014

Reference #: 100292

Excellent condition with low hours. All PM's performed by OEM. Available for inspection.

Controller: Siemens 840d CNC
Resonator Type: CO2
Resonator: Rofin Sinar DC035
Power Output: 3.5 KW
Head Type: Tilt (3D) 8.5 - 6.5
Number Of Axis: 6 - Bevel Cut
Cut Capacity - Square tube (OD): .5" - 8"
Cut Capacity - Rectangular tube (OD): .5" - 8"
Cut Capacity - Round tube (OD): .5" - 8.5"
Rear Automatic Bundle Loader: 8'2" - 27'10"
Front Single Bar Manual Loader: 8'2" - 27'10"
Min Bar Load Length For Auto Loading: 8.2"
Finished Part Unloader: 21'3"
Front Unload Parts Conveyor: Up To 19"
Voltage: 480v, 60 Hz, 3 Phase
System Dims.: L 64’ X W 22.5’ X H 8.5’
Machine Dims.: L 49.25’ X W 22.5’ X H 8.5’
Weight: 47,400 Lbs.

Equipped With:


Siemens 840D CNC Controller

Rofin Sinar DCO35 3.5 KW Co2 Resonator

Tilting 3D Laser Head +/- 45°

Precitec DS 1.5" Focusing Unit

5” Lens And 7.5” Lens

High Speed Piercing/Booster Pulse

Bow/Twist Compensation

Active Focus

Active Piercing

Weld Seam Detection

Open Shapes Capability

Rear Bundle Loader

Unload With Collection Tables

Auto Bundle Loader For 8' To 21' 10” Tubes

6 Step Semi-Auto Loader - Single Bars & Open Profiles

Auto Finished Parts Unloader

Small Parts Conveyor Up To 19” Long

Scrap Conveyor

Remote Online Diagnosis

Dust Collector

Closed Loop Chiller

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