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Bystronic Xpert Pro 200/4300 (2020)


Model: Xpert Pro 200/4300

Year: 2020

Reference #: 100344

Like New Condition with very little use.

Control: Bystronic CNC
Tonnage: 220
Bending Length: 169.29”
Standard Stroke: 9.8”
Open Height: 25.20”
Distance Between Side Frames: 147.7”
Throat: 15.80”
Table Width: 2.40”
Max. Back Gauge Range X-Axis: 41.40”
X-Axis Travel: 23.70”
X-Axis Speed (Up To): 1536 IPS
X-Axis Accuracy: .0016”
R-Axis Travel: 9.90”
R-Axis Speed (Up To): 473 IPS
R-Axis Accuracy: .004”
Z-Axis Travel: 114”
Z-Axis Speed For (Up To): 3544 IPS
Z-Axis Accuracy: .004”
Y-Axis Accuracy: .00016”
Oil Capacity: 123 L
Operating Voltage V AC: 3 PH 480
Frequency Hz: 60
Control Voltage V DC: 24
Weight: 46,297 Lbs.
Dimensions: L 276” x W 177” x H 142”

Equipped With:

ByVision CNC Bending Control

22” Full HD Display & Touch Technology

Control Console With Foot Switch

ByVision Bending User Interface

Multi Axes CNC Back Gauge

Dynamic Crowning

Pressure Reference Technology

LAMS Angle Measuring System

Dual Sheet Supports

Fast Bend G2 Safety System

Electrically Monitored Side Fences

Rear Protection Devices

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