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LVD PPEB 150/10, 8 Axis Backgauge 2004

Make : LVD

Model: PPEB 150/10

Year: 2004

Reference #: 100307

Excellent Condition - Includes all tooling pictured.

Control: LVD Cadman CNC Controls
Tonnage Capacity: 150 Tons
Bed & Ram Length: 118"
Distance Between Housings: 102"
Ram Approach Speed: 5.11 Inc./Sec.
Bending Speed(s): .49 Inc./Sec.
Ram Return Speed: 4.52 Inc./Sec.
Throat Depth: 15.75"
Max. Ram Stroke: 7.8"
Max Open Height: 19.75"
Closed Height: 7.2"
Drive Motor: 20 HP
Prog. Controlled Axes: Y1, Y2, X, X1, Z1, Z2, R, Crowning
Prog. Backgauge Distance: 23.622"

Equipped With:
Cadman 8-Axis CNC Controls

2D Programming

Windows 95 Interface

12″ Screen Size

7 Axis Backgage


Wila New Standard Clamping

All Punch & Die Tooling Pictured

New LazerSafe LZS 005

Foot Pedal

Flush Floor Mounted

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