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Mazak Fabri Gear 400 II Tube Laser

Make : MAZAK

Model: Fabri Gear 400 II

Year: 2014

Reference #: 100455

Low Hours with recent resonator refurbishment

Control: Mazak FX Control Unit
Resonator Type: CO2
Resonator Make: Panasonic
Laser Output: 4.0 KW
Laser Gas: He, N2, Co2
Tube Capacity: 26.25' Infeed / 26.25' Outfeed
Max Material Thickness (Mild Steel): 0.866”
Max Material Thickness (Stainless): 0.393”
Max Material Thickness (Aluminum): 0.314”
Max. Workpiece Length Load/Unload: 315”
Max. Material Diameter Round: 16”
Max. Material Diameter Square: 11.8”
Max. Workpiece Weight/Piece: 1,058 Lbs.
Stroke X Chuck Left/Right: 344.49”
Stroke U Chuck Left/Right: 366.14”
Stroke V Chuck Left/Right: 99.2”
Stroke Y Head Back/Forth: 50.0”
Stroke Z Head Up/Down: 14.57”
Stroke A Head Rotation: ±99,999.999 Deg.
Stroke B Head Swing: ±135 Deg.
Rapid Travel Speed (X,U,V): 1,181 IPM
Rapid Table Speed (Y): 945 IPM
Rapid Table Speed (Z): 945 IPM
Rapid Table Speed (A,B): 9,600 Deg/Min
Rapid Table Speed (C): 6,000 Deg/Min
Total Electrical Requirement: 64 kVA
Machine Footprint: 880" x 320"

Equipped With:

Mazak FX Control Unit

4.0 KW Panasonic Resonator

3D Laser Rotary Head
Touch Probe Sensor 

Auto Focus Positioning  

7.5’ Lens

Automatic Material Measurement Function

Weld Seam DetectorFour Clamping Chick System

8M Loading/Unloading System

Hopper, Long Legs & 55 Gallon Drum

Super Seal Hopper Gate
Parts Catcher
Scrap Conveyor 

Programmable Assist Gas Pressure

USB Port For Personal Computer

LAN Connection Function

Automatic Power Cutoff

AC Digital Servo Motor Drive System

Ball Screws For Y,Z-Axis

Rack And Pinion For X-Axis

Multi-Tap Transformer (208v To 480v)

Chiller Unit

RoboVent Dust Collector


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