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Mazak VCL-T100 DDL Fiber Tube Laser

Make : MAZAK

Model: VCL-T100 DDL Fiber

Year: 2017

Reference #: 100318

Cuts flat sheets up to 20" x 24" and 1/4" thick.

Control: Mazak FX 3li CNC
CPU: 64 Bit
Display Screen: 15” Color LCD
Number of Control Axes: 3
Position Detection System: Encoder
Min. Command Unit: 0.0001"
Program Input System: EIA/ISO
Laser Type: Fiber
Power Source: TeraDiode (DLL)
Laser Output: 2.0 kW
Material Shape: Round, Square & Flat Sheets
Max Workpiece Length Loading: 288”
Max Workpiece Length Auto Unloading: 40” (Expandable)
Max Workpiece Length Manual Unloading: 70" (Expandable)
Max Material Diameter Round: .5” to 4”
Max Material Diameter Square: .5” to 3”
Max Material Diameter Flat: 24”x 20“
Max Pounds Per Foot (Tube): 9.5 lbs/ft
Max Pounds Per Foot Flat Sheet: 35 lbs
Stroke X Axis: 172.4”
Stroke Y Axis: 19.8”
Stroke Z Axis: 11.8”
Height of Chuck Center: 45.5”
Max Thickness Mild Steel: 0.250”
Max Thickness Stainless Steel: 0.250”
Max Thickness Aluminum: 0.250”
Rapid Travel Speed X Axis: 3,248 ipm
Rapid Travel Speed Y Axis: 944 ipm
Rapid Travel Speed Z Axis: 944 deg/min
Total Electrical Requirement: 39 kVA
Installation Dimensions: L 348” x W 164”
Machine Dimensions: L 312 x W 117” x H 103”
Machine Unit Weight: 20,900 lbs

Equipped With:

Mazak FX 3li CNC Control

TeraDiode Direct Diode Laser Fiber Source

Flat Sheet Cutting Capability

Premium Supprex 200 Fire Suppressant System (Option)

24 foot Raw Material Feed (Upgrade)

Nozzle Glass Lens Cover Kit (Upgrade)

SMC Thermo Chiller Unit
RoboVent MDC-1-1632 Dust Collector

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