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Mitsubishi ML3015GX-F100


Model: ML3015GX-F100

Year: 2021

Reference #: 100446

Includes FSC II 3015 Load/Unload w/ 6 Shelf Tower

X – Axis Stroke: 122.0”
Y – Axis Stroke: 61.61”
Z – Axis Stroke: 4.72”
Max. Work Piece Size: 120" x 60"
Max. Processing Feed Rate: 3937 in/min
Max. Work Piece Weight: 2094 lbs.
Table Pass Height: 35”
Rapid Travel Speed: 6700”
Positioning Accuracy: 0.0019”/20”
Repeatability: ±0.00039”
Machine Unit Dimensions: 415.0”
Machine Weight: 15,432 lbs.
Pallet Changer Weight: 5,291 lbs.
Power Source: Mitsubishi Electric
Excitation Method: Ytterbium Doped Fiber
Wavelength: 1.07µm
Output Power: 10 kW (10,000 W)
Processing Head: Zoom
Delivery Method: 100µm Fiber Cable

Mitsubishi Electric M800 CNC Control
Mitsubishi Electric 10 kW  Power Source

Mitsubishi Components
Beam-Cleaning & Anti-Reflection Technologies
Automatic Sheet Detection
Scrap Cutting
FSC II 3015 Load/Unload w/ 6 Shelf Tower

Ozen AGR Compressor  

Chiller Unit

Camfil Dust Collection System

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