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Mitsubishi ML3015NX-45CF-R (2011) 4,500 Watt CO2 Laser


Model: ML3015NX-45CF-R

Year: 2011

Reference #: 100347

Mitsubishis’ fastest, most powerful CO2 laser. Includes 4.5 KW cost-reducing Cross-Flow resonator.

Control: Mitsubishi 700 Series CNC
Display Unit: 15” TFT Color LCD Touch Screen
Laser Type: CO2
Resonator Model: ML45CF-R
Laser Output Power: 4500 Watts
Travel Drive Method: X,Y,Z Sim. 3 Axes
Control Method: X,Y, & Z Sim.3 Axis Control
X-Axis Stroke: 125.98”
Y-Axis Stroke: 62.99”
Z-Axis Stroke: 4.7”
Max. Work Piece Size: 120” X 60”
Table Pass Height: 33.5”
Max. Processing Feed Rate: 2360 IPM
Sim. Processing Feed Rate: 6680 IPM
Max. Work Piece Weight: 2050 Lbs.
Min. Command Input: .0001”
Drive Motor Type: Intelligent AC Servo
Pallet Change Time: Approx. 35 Seconds
Position Detection Method: Encoder
Machine Structure X,Y Axis: Precision Rack & Pinion
Machine Structure Z Axis: Linear
Pallet Drive Mechanism: Chain
Program Input Method: USB, Computer Link, Ethernet LAN
Electrical Requirements: 208 Vac +/- 5%, 3 Phase, 60 Hz
Power Requirements: 71 KVA/202 Full Load Amps
Installation Dimensions: 489” X 346”
Machine Unit Dimensions: L 444” x W 194 x H 94.5”
Total System Weight: 34,836 Lbs.

Equipped With:

Mitsubishi 700 Series CNC Control

15.0” TFT Color LCD Touch Screen

Mitsubishi ML45CF-R 4500 Watt Resonator

Duel Pallet Table System

Chiller Unit

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