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Schroder PowerBend Professional 4000


Model: PowerBend Professional 4000

Year: 2015

Reference #: 100513

All Available Tooling Included

Control: POS 2000 Professional Graphic Control
Working Length: 160”
Sheet Thickness: .098”
Length: 224”
Machine Depth w/ Back Gauge 63” Closed: 126.89”
Clamping Beam Geometry: 180°
Clamping Beam Stroke: 19.68”
Clamping Beam Driver Power: 2 x 2.2 KW
Clamping Beam Speed: 150 IPM
Folding Beam Drive Power: 2 x 3.0 / 2 x 3.0 KW
Folding Beam Speed: 85°/s
Folding Beam Folding Beam Adjustment: 3.15”
Folding Beam Folding Center Adjustment: ±0.787”
Height w/ Swiveling Arm: 91.06”

Equipped With:

POS 2000 Professional Graphic Control

Led Status Display

Hydraulic Tool Clamping Device For Clamping Beam
Pneumatic Tool Clamping Device For Folding Beam

Central Motorized Crowning Device
Motorized Folding Beam Adjustment 5.9”

Motorized Folding Center Adjustment +3.15” / - 79”
Foot Switch

Anchor Plates Incl. Dowels

Remote Maintenance

All Available Tooling Included

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