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Virtek Laser QC 1200 3D CNC Laser Inspection Machine


Model: QC 1200 3D

Year: 2011

Reference #: 100223

Not Available

2D Scanning Accuracy: 0.002"
Maximum Part Thickness: 12" (3D)
Calibration: Automated
Maximum Scan Zone: 48" x 48"
Maximum Part Weight: 200 Lbs.
Laser Device & Output: Laser Diode w/ Max 4.5 mW Output
Operating Environment: 50°F - 100°F
Oversized Parts: Capable w/ Merged Scan Feature
Overall Dimensions: L 79" x W 65" x H 96"
Weight Approx.: 2,500 Lbs.

Equipped With:
Virtek LPS-1EA Laser Projector

Laser QC 3D Automatic Form Measurment System


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