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Muratec Motorum M2044TC


Model: Motorum M2044TC

Year: 2020

Reference #: 100467

All tooling and tooling storage cabinet included.

Control: Fanuc Model 0i-Pd
Display: 15” Color LCD (Panel I Computer)
Punching Capacity: 22.4 Tons
Press Drive: AC Servo Motor
Ram Stroke: 1.18"
Die Penetration Control: Variable Die Penetration
Punching Accuracy: ± 0.004"
Axis Repeatability: ± 0.001"
Hit Rates: Axis Move 0.984" / Hits/Min. 240
Max. Sheet Weight: 231 Lbs.
Max. Material Thickness: 0.250"
Max. Hole Diameter: 3.50" / Diameter Hole In .080”
Throat: 51.18”
Table Travel X: 51.18”
Table Travel Y: 52.56”
Sheet Size (No Reposition): 49.213” X 49.213”
Sheet Size (One Reposition): 49.213” X 98.425”
Tabletop Style: Urethane Ball Transfer
Max. Axis Speeds: X Axis - 2953 IPM
Max. Axis Speeds: Y Axis - 2953 IPM
Max. Diagonal Speed: 4173 IPM
Tooling Style: 114, 112, Mate Marathon, Wilson HP
Turret Rotation: 33 RPM
Upper Turret To Die Clearance: 0.838"
Upper Turret Thickness: 3.94”
Standard Turret Capacity: 22
Max. Rotational Speed: 60 RPM
Rotational Accuracy: +/- 0.05 Deg.
Approx. Machine Dim.: W 106" / L 180” / H 87"
Table Height: 38.6”
Electrical Requirements: 14 KVA (Peak) / 17 A. @ 480V, 3 Ph. / 37 A. @ 220V, 3 Ph.

Equipped With:
Fanuc Model 0i-Pd CNC Control

15” Color LCD Display

Servo Electric Punch Drive System

Automatic Lubrication

114 Style Punch Holders

Transformer 30KVA/480V

Laser Scanner Safety Device 

Side Tables

Front Guard Rails

Tooling Storage Cabinet

Tooling - All standard with a few special shapes



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