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Amada AE-2510NT Turret

Make : AMADA

Model: AE-2510NT

Year: 2015

Reference #: 100441

Excellent condition with less than 90 production hours.

Control: Amada AMNC-F CNC
Tonnage: 22 Tons
Max Sheet (L):: 196.8"
Max Sheet (W): 50"
Travels X-Axis: 98.4"
Travels Y-Axis: 50"
Press Stroke: 1.65"
# Turret Stations: 58
Max Material Thickness: 0.12"
Max Material Weight: 330 Lbs.
Max Hole Diameter: 4.5"
Stroke Rate (Marking): 900 Hit/Min. (Pitch 0.118")
Stroke Rate (Punching): X 350/Y 285 Hit/Min. (1" Pitch)
Turret Speed: 30 RPM
X-Axis Speed: 3,150 IPM
Y-Axis Speed: 2,362 IPM
Punching Accuracy: 0.004 ̋
Dimensions: L 201.57" X W 163.58" X H 83.27"
Weight: 28,660 Lbs.

Equipped With:
Amada AMNC-F CNC Control

AC Servo Ram Drive

Heavy-Duty Brush Table


Triple-Track Turret

Pneumatic Tool Balancer

(2) Pneumatically Operated Sheet Clamps (Y-Axis Stop)

Pneumatic X-Gauge Block

Vacuum Die & Air Blow Systems

High-Speed Forming

Deburring, Tapping, Part Marking

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